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PostSubject: CORUPT SERVER !   CORUPT SERVER ! Icon_minitimeTue Jan 19, 2010 2:20 pm

As you know this server was online 3 months ago with other name L2 crew, the server was deleted because of coruption Smile chars with hero weapons +30 and 15 augments skills . Last the admin played with my character at ollympiad Smile I was dancing, sitting, laughing and my nickname and title became red/yellow/green . My weapon was reseted to +4 and then I lost 18 points. After olympiad server was restarted and after I logged again I saw -9 points . This is the retardest server I ever played with a kid who own you all (17 years old) never online in game to help us with the bugs and errors, never fixing bugs like ( hero dagger or class skills/ballance ) and ofc the biggest lag ever . We just spend our time here, but yes we spend it because we don't have anything better to do .
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